The project has established a network of relationships with external professionals, institutions and entities that occasionally act as collaborators, named below. We all share a common interest in the concept of a fragile city and stay in contact to provide technical support, transfer data and facilitate contacts. Our mutual commitment to return research to the social and civic sphere unites us with these entities and institutions in particular.

Gerard Bertomeu

Collaborating member of the project.

Architecture at UPC. PhD candidate at UPC LiTA’s Architectural Innovation and Technology Laboratory. Professor at the ETSAV Geometry department. Has worked on and done research on energy analysis, automation, data management, computational design and optimisation.

Maria Coma Santasusana

Collaborating anthropologist

PhD student in Anthropology at the Institut Français de Recherche sur el Asie del Este (Inalco) and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology (UB). Anthropologist (UB, 2010). “La Caixa” postgraduate scholarship in France (2011). Master’s degree in Anthropology (EHESS, 2012). Degree in Tibetan Studies (Inalco, 2016). Expert in qualitative methodologies, environmental anthropology, multi-species ethnography, landscape and infrastructure anthropology.
Internationally she is a board member of the International Seminar for Young Tibetologists and a member of the Société Française de Études du Monde Tibétain. In the 2016-2017 academic year she was a visiting researcher at the Institute of Tibetan Studies of the Central University for Nationalities (China) and since February 2022 she has been a visiting researcher at the Anthropology Unit of the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland).

María Gabriela Navas Perrone

Collaborating anthropologist

PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Barcelona. Architect and master’s degree in city government with a mention in city development from FLACSO-Ecuador. Member of the Observatory of Anthropology of Urban Conflict (OACU), coordinator of the Architectural Anthropology Research Group (GRADA) associated with GRIEGOS at the University of Barcelona, and the Anthropology and Architecture Research Group (GRANAR) of the Catalan Institute of Anthropology.
She is currently co-director of the postgraduate course at the University of Barcelona, “Antropologia i Arquitectura. La vida social de l’entorn construït”. She is a member of the research team of the Y+D project entitled “MOVER. Movilidades desbordadas: Un estudio comparativo de las nuevas movilidades urbanas” (2020-2024). She is president and founding partner of Antiarq, from where she has coordinated various training activities that explore the human dimension of cities. Her line of research addresses the political economy of architectural production, the social impact of urban reform, urban planning from a gender perspective and, more recently, urban mobility in post-pandemic cities.

Patricia Messa Castany

Collaborating anthropologist

Anthropologist (UB), predoctoral researcher in Society and Culture in the field of social and cultural anthropology. She assists with Research Staff in Training (APIF). Master’s degree in anthropology and ethnography (UB), postgraduate degree in African societies and development (UPF and CEA), master’s degree in international development (SETEM-UPC) and social educator (UB). Member of research groups: food observatory (ODELA) , study group in anthropology and meanings of work (GREAST), observatory of daily life and violence, National Autonomous University of Honduras.  
Expertise and fields: social anthropology, health, illness and care processes, contemporary moral economies, aid and social intervention processes and policies, development and cooperation in Latin America, daily and domestic economies in vulnerable urban environments, especially in Central America, gender relations, exclusion processes, institutional and daily violence and survival strategies, public social policies, anthropology of the State.

Tomàs Ivan Alcázar Serrat

 Collaborating researcher
PhD in Architecture (Theory and History of Architecture), from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Collaborating researcher at the Observatory of Stage Spaces. Editor and researcher of the online architecture criticism project: Editor of the PRAEC encyclopedia project (Institut del Teatre – Diputació de Barcelona). Editor-in-chief of the magazine-book of shows and dance LiquidDocs. Collaborator in various media and publications of architectural criticism, cultural journalism and performing arts.

Marc Serra Ureta

Collaborating member of the project.


Architect and Master in Computer Design from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Associate Professor in the Department of Architectural Representation at the Barcelona School of Architecture, and occasional collaborator in the Masters in Structural Engineering in Architecture and Parametric Design in Architecture at the UPC. Specializing in structures, and the introduction of new digital tools in the process of design, calculation and manufacturing in architecture.