Architecture, City and Culture group (ACC)



This research group is plural and interdisciplinary. The field of research is knowledge of the culture that surrounds the inhabited space, the sphere of the city and the built world linked to experience. The group wishes to establish itself within a borderland between the theoretical, technical and scientific disciplines of its members: architecture and urban planning, anthropology, phenomenology, study of the forms of representation of space, cultural and gender studies.

Critical Analysis of Modernity group (ACM)



The ACM group focuses its research activity on Architecture and the City of Modernity by adopting an essentially relational approach to provide critical elements to discussions and articulate alternative visions to current intervention policies.
With this aim, it combines the opening of references, theoretical perspectives and visions compared to the rigorous historical documentary work on case studies as a basis for new critical contributions.

Architecture, Energy and Environment group (AIEM)




The AIEM research group is oriented towards the investigation of architecture from the environmental point of view. Its research considers both the environmental parameters affecting human comfort and perception as well as the possible impact that building activities can cause to cities and the environment. The activity carried out considers different scales, from architectural indoor qualities and building elements to public spaces and urban morphology.