The project has established a network of relationships with external professionals, institutions and entities that occasionally act as collaborators, named below. We all share a common interest in the concept of a fragile city and stay in contact to provide technical support, transfer data and facilitate contacts. Our mutual commitment to return research to the social and civic sphere unites us with these entities and institutions in particular.

Arrels Fundació

Private foundation that has been serving homeless people in the city of Barcelona since 1987.

It offers accommodation, food, social care and guidance towards becoming more autonomous. Raíces also works to raise public awareness of the problems of poverty in our environment, denounces unjust situations and provides solutions to the authorities and civil society.

Construint la Sala

Non-profit association made up of professionals from various fields who have a common interest in the world of architecture and education.

Every year they organise a free architecture workshop for 600 children aged 7 and 12, where over 200 architects, artists, educators and other professionals work voluntarily to help the children build a model each year following different themes.
They aim to bring architecture closer to children in a creative and playful way, providing them with the tools they need to act like future users who are responsible for their surroundings. They also believe that direct contact with children can be a great source of inspiration for architects or any creative person.

Obra Social Santa Lluïsa de Marillac

Social Integration Program of the Society of Daughters of Charity, aimed at people in a situation of social exclusion and homelessness.

The activity began in the 80’s in the neighborhood of Barceloneta and its action is focused on the reception and support during the process of improvement and personal promotion towards autonomy and the realization of the same life projects.